When You Get Injured from Running

ankle sprain, painRunning is a demanding workout. It involves much demand on your joints and is a high-impact workout. You engage all muscles in your legs, use your core and swing your arms–all while running on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Running for long periods of time can also build up lactic acid and cause injuries. As a running enthusiast, it is often frustrating to deal with downtime. Yet, it’s necessary. How do you deal when you just want to lace up the shoes and get out of the house? Here are a few ways:

Get your sleep. Especially in the summer, many runners often arise before most to get in a good run before the heat hits. When you are injured, sleep through the alarm and get a good eight hours or more of sleep. Your body needs that recharge to heal itself and sleep is the best way to do it. You aren’t engaging any muscles and it won’t cause any further strain. It’s an excuse to get a little extra shut eye that you most likely need.

**It’s also a good idea to invest in black out coverings for your windows, especially in the summertime when the sun rises earlier. This keeps your body from naturally waking up when the sun rises.**

Take time off. You can do what’s called “active resting.” You don’t have to completely sit on a couch and watch television. You can do some stretching or yoga or light exercise. If the injury is severe, be sure to consult a physician.

Work on anti-inflammation. Use ice to combat the pain and even try alternating heat with ice to shock the body. Also, take anti-inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen and eat anti-inflammatory foods like vegetables and fish.

Don’t push your body and don’t be the hero. Even type-A personalities must stop and take time off. If you just finished a marathon and are very sore, it’s not right to come immediately back. You may think you look cool and hard core, but you’re really just doing long-term damage.