What to Add to Your Recovery Drink

cornstockWe are all told what happens after you run is as important as the preparation you do before it. You should always take in nutrition within an hour of exercise and add in protein to replenish your beat-up muscles.

I like to drink protein shakes approximately 30-60 minutes after I run because it’s easier on the stomach than solid foods. Now I’m thinking of adding in HMB, which stands for beta-hydroxybeta-methylbutyrate, due to a new study.

Few studies until now examined effects of adding supplements to your whey protein. Until now.

A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition shows a sports nutrition drink adding HMB to whey protein and carbohydrates provides a better recovery from intense exercise.

In this study, healthy and fit men consumed whey protein alone or whey and HMB twice a day for 14 days. They also performed three days of intense exercise followed by several days of recovery.


Researchers discovered that muscle damage, inflammation and muscle soreness were decreased with the whey plus HMB supplement compared to only consuming whey.

On the fourth and fifth day of recovery, whey and HMB together provided 11 percent greater power output as measured by an explosive vertical jump.

HMB is a supplement and can also be produced naturally in the body in foods like avocados and grapefruit.

For better recovery, try adding in this supplement if you mix together a whey protein drink. Also, if you like to eat solid foods after exercise instead, eat some baked or boiled chicken with avocados or some yogurt with grapefruit.

Happy recovery!

Reference: Kraemer WJ, Hooper DR, Szivak TK, Kupchak BR, Dunn-Lewis C, Comstock BA, Flanagan SD, Looney DP, Sterczala AJ, DuPont WH, Pryor JL, Luk HY, Maladoungdock J, McDermott D, Volek JS, Maresh CM. The Addition of Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate and Isomaltulose to Whey Protein Improves Recovery from Highly Demanding Resistance Exercise. J Am Coll Nutr. 2015 Mar-Apr;34(2):91-9.