Vacation Workout Tips

Everybody looks forward to the break from reality that comes along with a long awaited vacation. Unfortunately, vacations can also mean a break from all the good diet and exercise habits that you’ve likely worked hard to develop. It’s understandable, too, since most people want to take it easy on vacation or just have so many other things on the agenda that it’s hard to schedule in time to workout. Most people also tend to indulge on food when vacationing, as well, which can be a big hit to all those positive steps you’ve made towards a healthy diet.

It can be daunting, then, to try to maintain your routine with all these negative pressures working against you. By making just a few changes, though, you can stay healthy on vacation.


Careful Planning

You’ve doubtlessly researched your destination to come up with even a rough itinerary, so why not do a little extra digging to find ways to stay active?

For example, will there be a gym available where you’re staying? Many hotels offer fitness centers, and those that don’t sometimes have arrangements with nearby gyms. If neither of these options are available, you can still get an effective workout with a little creativity. Use your body weight and the hotel furniture to improvise a full-body strength routine. You could also bring lightweight equipment like resistance bands to expand your exercise choices.

If working out inside, away from your friends and family, doesn’t appeal to you than try to find other ways to stay active. Plan to visit parks with walking trails or take a bike tour. Could you rent bikes to tour the area? Some beach-side vacation spots also have ocean kayak rentals or similar attractions that will get you moving while still enjoying your vacation by doing something out of the ordinary.


Do What You Love

Just like at home, it’s important to do things that you enjoy so that your workouts don’t become a chore. To that end, your mindset about your workouts can go a long way towards keeping you healthy.

Plan your workouts in such a way that they won’t interrupt your vacation or take you away for your travel companions. If you’re an early riser, could you go for a walk or run before everyone else gets up? Doing so will help you start off with a boost of energy and help you set a healthy tone for the day.

Sunrise runs don’t appeal to everyone, though, and for these people a slight shift in viewpoint may help. Try to think in terms of “activity” rather than “exercise.” The American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 10,000 steps per day as a healthy amount of activity. You can easily carry a pedometer with you throughout your daily activities and shoot for this goal.

Remember, too, that sometimes a week or even two of rest from your normal routine could actually be beneficial. If you keep your diet healthy by eating moderately and making good decisions, the time of active rest could give your muscles need time to recovery from your usual workout. When you do return to reality, though, do so gradually so that you don’t shock your system.

Have you managed to stay healthy on vacation? Please share your tips with us in the comments.



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