Add Something Extra to Your Workouts

I want to love running again

I want to love running again

It’s now June and hard to believe the year has almost reached the halfway point. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Now is the time I like to do a self-check and figure out where I stand in terms of my goals and what I need to accomplish in the back half of the year. Are you close to a PR? Did you cross the finish line to a marathon already? If you still have far to go, here are a few 2014 fitness trends to try and get you to checking off those resolutions:

HIIT–This acronym stands for High Intensity Interval Training and can be used for runners wanting to achieve faster speeds. Adding in videos such as P90X, joining a CrossFit gym, or just heading to the track and shaking up your workout with plyometrics and speed work will help you achieve a quicker cadence in your 1600 meters or perhaps a fall 5K. This can be dangerous, so always be cautious of this type of exercise.

Group training–With the high cost of personal trainers and professional coaches, you can join a running group often at a nominal fee. Try or a local running store to find one. You will also meet like-minded people and not have to be out training on your own or with someone your paying top-dollar for at the gym. Even if you’re on a school running team, outside camaraderie could be welcomed and give you a refreshing outlook on your sport.

Functional fitness-If you’ve been injured this year, the best way to recover is to train your muscles to do what you need them to do in daily life. If you have children, for instance, it’s best to train your body to be able to pick up your children–doing strength training that mirror this movement. It’s about creating strength for how you live daily.

If you’ve already reached your 2014 goals, it’s now time to raise the bar, so to speak. Set new goals and now you have a new six months to get training.