The Superbowl Workout

race-day-720x288In less than two weeks, the Patriots will meet the Seahawks on the Gridiron for the Holy Grail of football games: The Superbowl. Did you watch the Seahawks game yesterday? What an amazing comeback and rally by the team.

How many times have you had to rally in a race? I’ve done it in almost all of my marathons. I hit the proverbial wall and dig deep to finish. One of my goals is to become a better endurance athlete by building up my speed in 2015 so I don’t spend the last hour of a marathon rallying. Here are a couple of Superbowl-sized workouts to help with your running goals for this year:

Speed workout for the treadmill:

If the weather is still a little too cold for outdoor running, here’s a workout option:

Option 1: 

Warm up: 5 minutes jog
Tempo: 5 minutes
Interval: 2 minutes
Repeat drill 4 x of 5 minutes tempo run and then 2 minutes interval run. You can come back to the same speed on the tempo run, but always try to go faster on the interval speed.
Cool down: 5 minutes (walk if you need)

If the weather allows for track running, try out this workout:

Option 2:

Warm up: 2 x 400m
Tempo: 400m
Interval: 800m with 200m pickups (go faster every 200m). You need to pace yourself to get faster at the last 200m.
Recover: 60 seconds no running
Interval: 800m with 200m pickups
Tempo: 400m
Recover: 60 seconds no running
Repeat entire workout twice.
Stretch at end for 10 minutes to help with lactic acid.

For hill training, try this workout:

Option 3:

Warm up: jog for half a mile to a hill
Speed work up a hill for three minutes, jog down
Reverse: jog up and speed race down. Immediately race back up and jog down.
Keep reversing this for 30 minutes
Cool down: jog for half a mile back