Spring Has Sprung

runWe get to spring forward our clocks this coming weekend and I cannot wait. I love having more daylight in the nighttime and get to hit the track before the sky falls into darkness. It feels like a new day this time of year.

Some of you may want to get into more speed work now with the new daylight–hitting the track instead of the treadmill. Here are workouts to take with you:

Workout 1
Speed + Endurance:

800 m warm up
5 minute stretching
400 m x 4 with each 400 m gaining in speed. The goal is to conserve energy. Make your last 400 m all out.
2 minute rest
400 m x 4 with each 400 m gaining in speed. You will be slower this time. That wasn’t much rest. You are building both speed and endurance.
1 minute rest
800 m cool down. You can walk if you need.

Total distance: 3 miles

Workout 2
Speed only:

800 m warm up
400 m tempo speed
100 m x 8 at interval speed. Take one side of the track and run this back and forth.
Rest 60 seconds between each
After last 100 m, rest two minutes
400 m all out, faster than interval. Run as fast as possible.
Rest 2 minutes
800 m cool down

Total distance: 2 miles

Workout 3
Speed + Endurance, no rest:

800 m warm up, start off slower than normal warm up pace
400 m x 4, on the turns, pick up the speed to interval pace, on the straightaways you can run at whatever speed you need. You’ll be recovering but do not stop.
800 m at tempo speed the entire time
400 m at interval speed
400 m tempo speed
800 m cool down

Total distance: 3 miles

If you find yourself looking to kick up your workouts, try out one of these at least once a week. If you want even greater speed work, I suggest two speed workouts a week. They’ll cut down your time quickly.