Running through the trails

RunningInRainAs the weather gets better and the days are now almost at their longest, we like to turn our running to the trails instead of always heading to the track.

Here are a few trail running tips:

1. You might want to invest in a trail running shoe or a hiking shoe in general. Running through the dirt and mud can quickly destroy your expensive, beloved running shoes.

2. Always make yourself aware of the trail beforehand. With the Internet, you can most likely do the research of what to expect in terms of elevation and turns within the trail itself.

3. Always carry your cell phone. While we don’t like the extra weight when running, this is for safety reasons. Granted, you might not have cell service, but if you are out alone, it’s best to stay on a trail near civilization.

4. Run through the mud puddles. This may seem counterintuitive, not to mention dirty, but this helps with the erosion process as you will stay on the trail.

5. Keep one earphone out in case you like to listen to music. This will allow you to hear any other runners/mountain bikers who want to pass or any potential dangers.

6. Rehydrate when you return home. This is especially important in hot water. You lose one liter per hour of exercise. On the trail for three plus hours? You’ve got a lot of water to drink. You should also mix it up with sports drink to replenish lost electrolytes.

7. Let someone know you are leaving, where you will be and when you are expected home. A quick text to a friend is all it takes.

8.  This should go without saying, but keep the trash with you. We know how annoying it is to carry an empty gel package or empty water bottle, but it harms the environment.

Happy trail running!