A Tribute to Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I felt lucky to spend the day in the presence of my mother. I know not everyone receives such a special opportunity to spend the day with their mom. I didn’t last year and may not again; I didn’t take it for granted.

I decided to ask my mother to go with me for a run. My mother does NOT run. At all. She will walk and walk, but suggest adding a little pep to the step and she’s out. Naturally, she said no. Therefore, I headed off for a jog on my own and decided to dedicate each mile to something about my mother and running. For my four miles, these were my thoughts each step of the way:

Mile 1: Thanks mom for raising me in a home that valued athletics. My father played baseball and sports were always playing on the television. During family dinners we discussed the latest teams and trades. I didn’t gravitate to team sports–perhaps I am not a team player. I always felt like I let people down. Running fit my personality. I could run fast or slow and no one cared but me. I truly believe if my childhood didn’t consist of sports, my passion for running would cease to exist.

Mile 2: Thanks mom for my drive. My mother got married at the very young age of 19 and had me when she was just 21. She managed to raise three children and work outside the home–quite challenging considered my father traveled 3 to 4 days a week for his job. But she stayed very driven and focused. I like to think I inherited that with my running. I constantly set goals for myself in completing a certain amount of races and finishing marathons.

Mile 3: Thanks mom for my love of travel. My mother is naturally curious about the world and that trickled down to me. I now have run marathons all over the world: Peru, Australia, Iceland, Antarctica, South Africa…to name just a few. Running and traveling are my two greatest hobbies/passions. A number of my greatest memories were created on the marathon courses in an obscure country somewhere in the world.

Mile 4: Thanks mom for the blessing of gratitude. I learned never to take anything for granted. I always feel grateful for a body that holds up to pain and suffering, a body that can tolerate and bounce back quite rapidly after a long run. In my various running presentations I give, I always state how grateful I am for my ability to run because I know that on any day it can be taken away from me.

Happy belated Mother’s Day!