Running and Giving Thanks

529628_143654692483796_997524455_n (1)I started running a long time ago, as evidenced by medals I found in the back of my closet when doing a little fall cleaning. I never take it for granted. I remember once stopping at a gas station on my way to a run up a small mountain along the outskirts of Phoenix and a woman in a wheelchair had such a difficult time crossing a street. No car would stop to let her go.

I’ll never forget that day. It made me realize how blessed I am and how at anytime, running can be taken away from me. For this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for running despite how slow I am right now.

Here are a few things you can do to say thanks during this time of thanksgiving:

1. In a previous post on France, I list some ways you can donate your running shoes and how you can run for charity. Perhaps this is something you can put on your New Year’s Resolution list.

2. Thank a volunteer. In every race, I make it a habit to thank at least one volunteer. They get up in the dark and cold when I’m sure they’d rather stay sleeping in bed. But they arrive with cheerful dispositions to hand out aid to the runners with no compensation. They deserve at least a thank you.

3. On one long run coming up, spend each mile thinking about a specific person who has helped you in your life and how grateful you are to that person. Then later that day, send an email to these people listing out why you are happy they are in your life. It’s easy to┬ádo and that person will remember that email for a long time.

4. Volunteer for an event yourself. Maybe it’s time to give back and help out other runners achieve their goals.

Happy Thanksgiving!