New Year’s Running Resolutions

girl runningIt’s the first Monday in January, which means you’re probably back to work or back to school. Who hated their alarm clock this morning? I dislike the sound of mine so much I often shove it under my pillow when it goes off. But then my head vibrates 10 minutes later when the snooze alarms. It’s back to the grind and a new year has begun. Although I dislike getting back into the groove of early mornings, I do like the feeling of a life refresh. I get to start over again with new goals.

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet? If not, here’s a few to consider that will also make you feel good:

1. Give back. Every race I try to thank at least one volunteer. Those volunteers get up so early in the morning and freeze so I can get my water along the route. I can’t possibly see how it is fun for them. But they do it anyway. Thank them and maybe they’ll come back and help out again.

2. Donate your shoes. You know you’ll need a new pair this year from First to the Finish, so donate your old ones to charity instead of throwing them in the trash. Shoes are like gold to some in less fortunate countries. I traveled to Cuba this year and saw people on the street begging for my running shoes.

3. Do one charity 5K this year. I hate asking people for money, but I would be willing to if I knew it went to a good cause that is important to me and my friends. What causes interest you? Do you know someone who lost their life from cancer? Join Team in Training, or the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

4. Volunteer yourself. Instead of doing one race, volunteer at one.

5. Spend a day cleaning up a trail or a school track. You have probably have left something behind somewhere during a run (like a gel wrapper). Here’s a way to make it better.

Happy 2016!