Gifts to Put on Your Wish List

runThese are some things I like to put on my wish list for the holidays and products I like to give to others. I found these to be the most helpful with my running. I wish you happy shopping! Be sure to click around for your track and field needs.

Compression socks: I didn’t realize the significant difference compression socks made on my running until I completed a marathon in New Zealand. I forgot to pack one of my socks, so had to run without a complete pair. My right leg was compressed tight, while the left leg was left completely bare. I looked ridiculous, but on top of that, I found my left leg swelling and building up lactic acid at a much faster pace than my right. I even almost stopped at the halfway point to switch the compression sock to the other leg. Needless to say, it was an interesting experiment in how well that product assists with running.

Knit tops: As a woman, it’s nice to feel a slight bit feminine while running. When you’re sweaty, dirty and spend more time in workout clothes than ones that require actual ironing, it’s nice to add an element of “girlishness” to your workout.

Colorful shoes: The newest trend in shoes is neon. I guess the 80s are back and I’ll take it. It certainly makes me more┬ávisible when I run at night.

Velcro holders on my shoes: Because running skirts don’t often have pockets, it’s important to have somewhere to hold my keys. Luckily, this works and leaves my hands free.

Capri running pants: They stay tight on the body and keep away the chafing I get from short running pants.

Socks: Although we typically overlook socks, you can find colorful ones and even match them to your shoes.

Happy shopping!