Foot Problems of Runners

thTwo weeks ago, I traveled out of state and ended up with severe pain I couldn’t walk. I tried to run for the first time this past weekend and no surprise, I spent the rest of the day in bed in tremendous discomfort. Runners suffer from loads of health issues, from IT band problems to bad knees, but feet are often overlooked. This makes no sense as it is the feet that strike the ground and always do the brunt of the work.

Here are three of some of the most common problems runners face with their feet:

Plantar fasciitis

The fascia, a band of tissue connecting the heel bone to the toes, can become inflammed. This makes your foot feel like its on fire.

How to help:
-Ice it with a frozen water bottle. Put the water bottle on the floor and roll the middle of your foot over it. Do this constantly throughout the day.
-Stay off of it.
-Be careful with how you buy your shoes. It is recommended you purchase them from a store with an ability to videotape your running. This allows the staff to analyze your gait and form and find the proper shoe to lessen injuries.

Heel spurs

Abnormal growth of bone on the bottom of the heel bone can come from inappropriate shoes and from running.

How to help:
-See a foot specialist for a heel pad or orthotics.
-Look for shoes with shock absorbing soles to lessen the impact on your heel.

Ball of Foot Pain

This is, quite simply, inflammation in the ball of the foot. Usually running or ill-fitting shoes is the cause of the problem.

How to help:
-Look for shoe inserts. See a specialist for this or a running store with experts. Do not look for over-the-counter options that you’d find at a drugstore.
-Ice it.
-Take anti-inflammatories.

Be sure to stay off your feet when issues occur or you can make the problem worse.