Breakfast Food for Runners

cornstock‘Tis the time of year to eat. After this weekend of Thanksgiving and all the trimmings festering in my body, I need to get out and run–and watch what I eat.

One of my favorite breakfasts on race day or when I schedule an early-morning run is yogurt. I find it easy on my stomach and don’t experience any gastro intestinal problems when I eat it before working out. It’s light and tastes better than some of the standard go-to protein/carbohydrate bars. Not only is it one of my favorites, but researchers recently found out how beneficial it is to the body.

In the November 24, 2014 issue of BMC Medicine, researchers found yogurt can help reduce diabetes risk–up to 18 percent. Dr. Frank Hu, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, in Boston, and his team of researchers pooled the following histories of medical professionals:

1. The Health Professionals’ Follow-up Study, which included more than 51,000 male health professionals.

2. The Nurses’ Health Study, which included more than 121,000 women nurses.

3. The Nurses’ Health Study II, which followed nearly 117,000 women nurses.

In these studies, they discovered about 15,000 cases of type 2 diabetes–the type of adult onset diabetes stemming from diet and lifestyle choices. When they zeroed in on diary intake, one serving a day was linked to a 17 percent reduction in risk of diabetes.

They did not differentiate what type of yogurt is best, but Dr. Hu did state “yogurt seems to have a place in a healthy diet.”

Try adding yogurt in to your runner’s diet and find yourself reaping the benefits: the probiotics for your immune system, potentially lessening your chances of diabetes, and a better digestive system for running.